Stop sabotaging your conversations with one simple tool

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Stop sabotaging your conversations with one simple tool, TeamUp Blog

Money is a sensitive subject, and in relationships money issues can be the cause of many arguments. This was the case for one of my recent clients. He was complaining about how he would always get into a fight with his wife when they were discussing money. He said she was always spending too much money, that she didn’t understand how to save money, and it seemed like she didn’t care about his efforts to save.

Mindfulness at 20 meters below sea level

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Mindfulness at 20 meters below sea level, TeamUp Blog

“Relax, drop any tensions, enjoy and don’t get attached to any goal”….It sounds like a life coaching session, but actually it’s my freediving instructor giving me the last cues before I go under water on a single breath….. There I am, floating on an ocean with a wetsuit, 1kg of weight on my belt and a diving mask. I am grabbing onto a little buoy in the water while taking a special set of breath cycles that my freediving instructor taught me that morning. I am about to go down on a single breath of air to deeper than 20 meters under sea level. Welcome to the sport of freediving….