How to look mindfully at our parents

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How to look mindfully at our parents, TeamUp Blog

A teacher once told me: If you really think you’re enlightened, go and spend a full month with your parents. So that’s what I decided to do…. I have been living as an expat for almost 10 years now in Europe, Africa and Asia. I generally visit my parents and home town once or twice a year. My parents still live in the house I grew up in in a small village in the South of the Netherlands.

What no one else tells you about anger

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What no one else tells you about anger, TeamUp Blog

A participant in one of my TeamUp Triad Coaching sessions was struggling because she would time and again find herself exploding in anger when talking and interacting with her family. It was very damaging to her marriage and to the relationship with her children. Maybe you too have experienced being overpowered by emotions so you weren’t able to communicate clearly?

Do you want to be happy?

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Do you want to be happy? TeamUp Blog

Being happy…to what means? This is a question I got recently from a client. I guess he won the prize of being my most skeptical client I have ever experienced. He was also incredibly intelligent. I am sure his IQ beats mine big time…but that’s no surprise 🙂 But his IQ was not the problem. It was the Emotional equivalent that was virtually absent. The feedback from people around him was clear: “This guy is not in tune with his feelings, not able to make deep connections with clients or at home and work-life balance looked more like work-work balance…. “