Forget other people’s checklists

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Forget other people’s checklists, TeamUp Blog

You know this feeling: You get bombarded with blogs, articles, TED talks and videos that constantly tell you a variation of: Click here to learn the [fill in any number between 1-10] ways to [fill in any of your aspirations].

Create expansion with a sigh

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Create expansion with a sigh, TeamUp Blog

Have you ever tried having a conversation with somebody where you didn’t really hear what the other person was saying? Perhaps you were caught up in a negative emotional state or you were ruminating about a coincidence that happened earlier that day. I know I have – and many of us experience disconnection if we don’t make a conscious effort to be present.

Comparison is meaningless?

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Comparison is meaningless? TeamUp Blog

No, this is not Photoshopped. This is me and my twin brother last year. So when I recently heard the sentence: Comparison is meaningless, the words sounded almost alien to me. Again, I hear the meditation teacher say: Never compare your own practice and progress with somebody else. Not because it’s ‘bad’ or ‘you shouldn’t’, but simply because it’s meaningless.