Asian Leadership Institute

Pioneering mindfulness-based coaching.

TeamUp are proud to be associated with the Asian Leadership Institute and to have the opportunity of bringing 35 years of mindfulness-based leadership coaching to all of you.
– Gaston Schmitz, Co-Founder

inspiring leadership development and organisational change

Asia’s best kept secret

If you’re thinking about joining one of our TeamUp Triad coaching programs you might be asking yourself ‘what is this Asian Leadership Institute that gets mentioned on the site and why is it so important to TeamUp’? Good questions! The Asian Leadership institute is one of Asia’s best kept secrets.

Founded by Brian Bauerle back in 1984, the Asian Leadership Institute has been pioneering mindfulness-based coaching to inspire leadership development and organizational change for more than 35 years (well before mindfulness became a fashionable concept in the west). The Institute has coached leaders from many of the world’s top Fortune500 companies.

By coaching senior business leaders to become more conscious leaders, the Asian Leadership Institute has built up a wealth of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t. More conscious, self-aware leaders inspire others, make better decisions, connect better with their families and live happier and healthier lives. This is something that we wholeheartedly believe in.

That’s why at TeamUp we are so proud to be associated with the Asian Leadership Institute and to promote its experience of mindfulness-based leadership coaching among a broader spectrum of society.

The Asian Leadership Institute also offers programs for individuals, teams and organisations.
Visit the Institute’s website for more information.

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