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The TeamUp training program is based on the work of executive coach, and founder of the Asian Leadership Institute, Brian Baurele. For more than 30 years he has been successfully using a mindfulness based practice model to coach leaders from all over the world to become wiser, more effective and happier individuals. His approach to coaching has been translated into a powerful nine module program called TeamUp that forms the basis of the training program.

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Who joins our training program?

So far we’ve trained people from more than 15 countries to become TeamUp facilitators and coaches. Some are existing therapists or coaches looking to improve their skills or to add a new product offering to their repertoire. Others are Yoga teachers and wellbeing practitioners looking to incorporate mind as well as body work into their practices.

We’ve also had people from the corporate world who’ve benefited from the TeamUp triad program themselves and want to take their learnings to the next level. But no matter the background or the motivation to sign up one thing is always the same; an interest in mindfulness and a desire to help others, and indeed themselves, make the changes they need to be better at the things that matter most in their life.

Why take our program?


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    Intuitive Coaching

    Learn to develop powerful intuitive coaching skills to facilitate deep transformation

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    As a TeamUp facilitator, have the freedom to work at any time and from anywhere in the world

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    One of the few coaching programs where you get to work with real paying clients as part of your training

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    Once certified, you get to earn money facilitating our successful TeamUp Triad Coaching program

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    Become part of a global community of passionate coaches and facilitators from all over the world

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Intuition is key

What will I learn?

Wake up everyday knowing you’re making a difference!

  • How to hold space during profound interactions between individuals.
  • How to observe others, yourself, move beyond judgement, and practice self-management.
  • How to give feedback, encourage authenticity and create significance.
  • How to develop and fine tune your intuition to know when to use which tools in every situation.
  • How to arbitrate skillfully the 10 principles for effective engagement during conversations.
  • How to further develop your personal practice, increase your self-understanding, improve your communication skills, and enhance your ability to access higher mental states including intuition.
  •   I’ve just completed part of the intensive TeamUp facilitator training in Chiangmai Thailand and I’ve been blown away! By comparison my previous coaching qualifications have been like riding a bike…the TeamUp facilitator training was like being given the keys to the rocket ship! 

    Pete Gable
    Executive coach and integrated therapist
    Hong Kong

  •   TeamUp Facilitation is such a rewarding experience. Every time, I am amazed to see how human conversations and how the content brings about powerful changes for people. 

    Sarah Ghan
    Laurence Gilliot TeamUp Facilitator

join a community of practitioners that are dedicated to helping others

What does the training entail?

The whole program takes around 6 months to complete. It starts with you completing the 9 week TeamUp Triad Coaching program for yourself. This way you’ll begin to better understand the concepts of the program and the profound impact it can have. After that you’ll complete an intense 3 day training program at our retreat centre in either Chiangmai Thailand or Salt Spring Island Canada. You’ll then get to facilitate two 9 week programs with real participants. Your calls will be recorded and you’ll have access to your own personal mentor who’ll expertly guide you through the program. Once you become a certified facilitator you join a community of practitioners that are dedicated to help others become more conscious and make this world a better place.

The facilitation training is the second stage of the coach training to become a certified Asian Leadership Institute Executive Coach.

TeamUp will give you all that you need to start facilitating. Training materials, experienced mentors, practical training, an exclusive course platform, and a support network of facilitators and coaches to help you grow and excel as a facilitator.

As a TeamUp triad facilitator you get paid $1,500 USD for each program you facilitate.

Our coach training retreat center in Chiang Mai

Our coach training retreat center in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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