Mindfulness and Parenting

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Hi everyone, this is Gaston from TeamUp. for a new update and some new insights all the way from plum village Thailand. And today it’s about mindfulness and kids. As you can see here this is Namo my six month old boy. And a few things I really learned about mindfulness and parenting, as I’m staying here for a few weeks in retreat, the first thing is it’s not any more about my individual practice. I used to be loving … Read More

The power of stopping

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Hi everyone this is Gaston from TeamUp. I know I haven’t sent a written blog for a while and so I was actually thinking to do some short videos instead. And this is a special vlog so to say because it comes from the South of France from Plum village. I’m currently in this mindfulness practice Center, it’s one of the biggest mindfulness practice centres in the world and I’m practicing mindfulness here for the next ten weeks. I’m going … Read More

Why do we give up on our practice?

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Two weeks ago, I committed to my wife to not use my phone anymore in the evening at home. It is such a big cause of distraction, anxiety and all kinds of stuff I don’t want to practice in the evening with my family. So I committed to put it in a closed drawer once I would be home with the ringer on if people really need to call me….. Looking back today, I realize I haven’t even managed to … Read More

A confession….

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I feel my eyes become moist. A few weeks ago I had lunch with my friend John. John is from Shan state, Myanmar. I hired him as a videographer for a recent project and he delivered outstanding work. We went for lunch and he started sharing his life story. “My parents gave me to a church very early on. I was raised in a church for the first 16 years in Myanmar. I don’t have parents. I don’t have siblings. … Read More

The one battle we always lose

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Oh no! I enter the arrivals hall back in my home town Chiang Mai. I just came back from an exhausting business trip to Hong Kong and eager to still hug my 1,5 year old boy Tao before he goes to sleep. Then I see a queue with literally hundreds of tourists standing in line for immigration. I feel annoyance coming up. I think to myself: Perhaps this is a good opportunity to do something about this judgment. I do a … Read More