The power of stopping

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Hi everyone this is Gaston from TeamUp.

I know I haven’t sent a written blog for a while and so I was actually
thinking to do some short videos instead. And this is a special vlog so to say
because it comes from the South of France from Plum village.

I’m currently in this mindfulness practice Center, it’s one of the biggest mindfulness practice
centres in the world and I’m practicing mindfulness here for the next ten weeks.
I’m going to be on retreat, living in this monastery with my two sons and my wife and I want to give you some key insights of some of the teachings I’m getting here and I want to start today with talking about stopping.

This is something that is needed for any growth process, personal development, transformation, healing whatever you want to call it; you first need to stop and here we learn how to stop one of the things they do here is they invite a bell, the bell of mindfulness and every time this bell rings. It takes many different forms it can be the bell in the dining hall or it can be a bigbell outside like a Church bell. Everyone stops and everyone takes three mindful breaths so everyone stops: stops conversation, stops cooking, stop serving fluid, stop on their way to the toilet. Everyone stops and it’s very powerful, five six hundred people stopped at the same time it’s very powerful and
everyone goes back to themselves so it’s a very powerful mechanism to also disrupt habit, habit energies as they call it here.

There’s two extra benefits from stopping the first one is you often realize all the conditions that you already have to be happy so when I’ve stopped here I’m in my last week was without a doubt the most happy week of the year, I’ve been quite successful in lots of other domains, this year but the peace of mind and the calmness you get when you learn how to stop and get in touch with the beauty that is already there, it’s very powerful so the benefit of stopping is also touching what you have already.

The second partly benefit is all your unfinished business comes up once you stop and once you stopped longer, the unfinished business comes up, that sadness that I didn’t want to be with, that turned into frustration and anger came up, a disappointment that I never wanted to feel that became resentment came up, the fears and insecurities I have that I don’t think I should that turn into, you know, getting lost in work or stress.

All these things come out when you stop and this place here is a very nice place where the space is held to actually notice that and be with that not instantly shifted or change it that will take time but stopping really helps unfinished business to come up and to look and notice what’s really going on so that’s my thoughts for today I will keep you updated and speak to you soon .

May you all be well! bye bye.

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