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A passion for mindfullness.

Through TeamUp we’re building a world wide community of like-minded individuals that share our passion for becoming more mindful and in so doing making the world a happier, healthier and more conscious place.
– Aaron Quinn, Coach

Diverse backgrounds from different countries

Happier, Healthier more fulfilling lives

We are a bunch of individuals from different countries, with diverse backgrounds and one thing we do share is a passion for mindfulness and the idea that supporting each other to be more conscious is what enables us to be better at things that matter so we can live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

You see the great thing about becoming more conscious is that you start to see the patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you and you suddenly have the freedom to change them. And the amazing thing about embarking on your mindfulness journey as a team is that it’s often others that can help you become aware of those patterns that are holding you back and can give you the support to change them.

Brian Bauerle

Brian, originally from the US, is a trained professional psychotherapist who has had his own practice, advised governments and held numerous university faculty positions in both the US and Australia…

In the late 70s he set off to India (as you do) where, after a profound meeting with the Dalai Lama, he embarked on becoming a Tibetan monk and for the next two and a half years immersed himself in the ancient art of mindfulness and meditation.

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Gaston Schmitz

His journey to TeamUp started with him leaving suburban Holland for a marketing role at Unilever in faraway Mozambique!

A shift from marketing to coaching led him to becoming the Managing Director of an NGO based in Thailand and responsible for the coaching of communities that were facing public health challenges like HIV and malaria in over 35 developing countries. It was in Thailand that he met Brian at the Asia Leadership Institute and the rest is history.

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Michael Bartura

Michael is a mindfulness-based life and leadership coach with a long-time commitment to explore the path of the fool and an intermittent panache to ignore that which defines the ‘Me’ and the ‘Mine’. With previous chapters from farmer to therapist, business person to manager to social entrepreneur, and various other sorts in between, he strives to identify what is common in the boundless multiplicity inherent in the ‘10,000 things’, and therefore sometimes forgets to lock his car.

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Poncho Cottier

Poncho, originally from Mexico, started his career in the world of marketing. Next stop Paris and his dream to be a photographer. As is so often the case, when you make a big change in your life it’s often not the first thing you leap into that ends up being your destiny and so it was for Poncho.

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Laurence Gilliot

She is passionate about the relationship between our bodies, our minds and our emotions, and how through mindful communication, whether with ourselves or through others, we can move beyond our self limiting beliefs. For 8 years she was coaching people from such diverse places as the Congo and Papua New Guinea to Belgium and Spain.

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Aaron Quinn

Aaron, originally from London, spent most of his career in advertising and media enjoying the corporate world of late night pitches, endless client meetings, and always on a plane.

Then in July 2014, at a music festival in Japan he had an epiphany. Why wasn’t he following his passion…

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An active community of executives, traders, counsellors, educational experts, entrepreneurs and investors.


  • Connector.

    Michael Bartura

    A practicing coach and facilitator with background in therapy, management and group work.

  • Connector.

    Julia Gabriel

    Julia is the Founder Director of Julia Gabriel Centre, Chiltern House and the Julia Gabriel School of Education.

  • Connector.

    Mark Hansen

    Experienced global senior executive & adviser with deep and exceptional governance, strategy/organization and change management expertise.

  • Connector.

    John McAuley

    Consultant with Investment Banks and Hedge Funds and involved in coaching both the psychology and methodology of trading.

  • Connector.

    Adil Moloobhoy

    Experienced partner with a family-owned business in India which has consistantly, under his tenure, grown to include 20 countries around the world.

  • Connector.

    David Baukol

    Experienced global marketing executive and entrepreneur who is the current executive director of the School of Hope Foundation.

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