Our Story

Our goal is to raise global consciousness and make the world a better place.

Take our unique leadership model and turn it into a 9 week online coaching program.

It all began with a challenge

Back in October 2012 myself (Gaston) and Brian sat down with fellow coaches, a few business leaders and some mindfulness practitioners and pondered the following: for 30 years we’ve been using a mindfulness based approach to successfully coach some of the worlds most successful people to lead happier, healthier and more effective lives…so why weren’t we doing this for everyone?

“Having conscious leaders is great but why not take this approach to a wider group of individuals and make a real impact on this planet’s consciousness.”

After a great deal of discussion and debate (done mindfully of course) we came up with an outline plan. Take our unique leadership model and turn it into a 12-week online coaching program. Learnings from each module would build on the previous week’s learnings and the time spent in between modules would be used to apply the newly learnt practices into day-to-day life. Twelve weeks was also enough time for new, positive behaviours to get rewired into the brain (the brain actually starts to physically change and adapt after 8 weeks).

The second part of our discussion was how to deliver the content in a way that would inspire new insights and transformation, would keep people engaged, motivated, accountable and at the same time was fun. We also needed make sure it stayed affordable so that we could bring conscious living to the lives of as many people as possible.

Suddenly we had one of those aha moments! Coaching in groups. Research had shown how powerful it was in effecting change. It would also be more fun and engaging and it tapped into one of our core values as a community – supporting each other to make each other and the world a better and more conscious place.

We tested the concept amongst our core community and the feedback and results were beyond our wildest expectations.
At that moment TeamUp Coaching was born.

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