The TeamUp Coaching Program

Personal development courses that help you become
conscious of those behaviours that are holding you back in life.

How does TeamUp coaching work

Hear how TeamUp personal development course can raise your awareness
and make a difference in your life.

REAL TIME COACHING – TeamUp Personal Development Course

Once you sign up you’ll be professionally matched with 1 or more participants (most likely from other countries because it’s much more interesting that way) and a trained facilitator.

After an initial one on one call with your facilitator you’ll meet each week for 90 minutes for around 12 weeks via Skype or Facetime. Between your meetings you’ll be inspired by great videos, insightful content and exercises covering a range of subjects including understanding the way you think, behave and learn, working with your emotions, improving communication and developing your intuition.

You will literally become conscious of those behaviours that are holding you back in life and you’ll learn how to develop real and tangible strategies to change them.

It’s a personal development course that happens in real time – so you get to put into practice what you learn immediately. Let’s say next week you have a difficult conversation with your boss or partner…you’ll develop a new way to approach the situation and then share how it went with your team.

Your team will motivate and support you…they’ll call you out when you’re cheating yourself and cheer on your successes.

And over the course of 12 weeks you’ll actually create new habits that last, because it’s enough time for you to start to change some of the neural pathways within your brain. In fact, 90% of TeamUp graduates report still practicing their new behaviours a full 12 months after completing the program (there is a reason why we love brain plasticity).

The program includes:

  • Connector.


    14 hours of live interactive coaching

  • Connector.

    Selected Participants

    Skillfully selected participants

  • Connector.


    A dedicated Certified Facilitator

  • Connector.

    Private Forum

    A private forum with your fellow participants

  • Connector.


    9 modules of cutting edge content

  • Connector.

    Annual membership

    A full year’s access to the TeamUp platform

  • Connector.


    A schedule customised to your lifestyle

  • Connector.


    The freedom to participate from anywhere

  • Connector.


    Exclusive membership in a Facebook community

personal development courses

Overview of the modules

  • Module 1Module 1    
    Learn 10 technique’s to deal with common communication challenges.
  • Module 2 Module 2
    Create the next level of awareness of self, others and the environment.
  • Module 3 Module3
    Understand your own autopilot and its limitations.

  • Module 4 Module4
    Learn how to go beyond autopilot and develop flexibility and adaptability.
  • Module 5 Module5
    Develop your EQ and learn how to deal with strong emotions that limit you today.
  • Module 6 Module6
    Expansion vs Contraction
    Learn a simple technique to assess your own state as well as the state of others and the environment.

  • Module 7 Module7
    Learn how to access and interpret all levels of communication.
  • Module 8 Module8
    Learn techniques to make decisions around complex problems. Go beyond vested interests.
  • Module 9 Module 9
    Integrate and impact others.

What happens after you sign up



Get matched


You go into our special matching system where we match you with other people based on time zones, availability and backgrounds. We want to make sure that you’re matched with people similar enough that you will connect and yet different enough for you all to learn from each other. That’s the magic!



Meet your facilitator


You’ll have a one on one call with your facilitator. During this call you’ll get to know your facilitator, share what’s really important to you and what you want to get out of the program. You’ll also agree the times for your calls based on what works for you.



You’re ready to go


Dive into the first module, enjoy the video, readings and exercises and post openly in your private forum. Learn about your fellow participants embarking on this exciting journey with you and enjoy your first 90 minute call together – your TeamUp coaching program really begins!

Frequently raised questions about doing the program

We love this one as we all know this feeling. The thing is nearly all of our participants discover that by becoming more conscious they start to free up time, it becomes simpler to prioritise and life becomes easier and less cluttered. You’ll gain a whole new perspective on what’s really important and we can’t tell you how liberating that feels.
TeamUp has been specifically designed to suit a busy persons schedule. Many of our participants have lives that involve constant travel. The weekly calls are not fixed in stone…there is flexibility built into the process. Your facilitator understands the needs of the participants and will arrange the calls accordingly.
If one week a call has to move that’s fine. The process can become fluid based on the needs of the group although we do recommend trying to keep to regular times as much as possible.
Haha…yes change is tricky. Many of the behaviours that no longer serve us have been practiced over a lifetime…they are ingrained. Self help books make sense when we read them but they are extremely difficult to translate into real change. The TeamUp program is taught in real time over 12 weeks, allowing you to make changes in your life in real time and then be held accountable to those changes by your group. By doing this for 12 weeks we see real and permanent change happen. In fact over 90% of our graduates report still continuing a mindfulness based practice more than 6 months after completion of the TeamUp program.
Yes it’s a very natural feeling and a number of people share this fear when they first join the process but we’ve always been amazed at how quickly this fear disappears once they start the program.
The format is based on complete confidentiality and trust and many participants often tell us how surprised they are at the ease they feel. Strangers very quickly become connected with a bond often becoming so strong that nearly all of them stay connected long after the program has finished.

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