Do you want to be happy?

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Do you want to be happy? TeamUp Blog

Being happy…to what means? This is a question I got recently from a client. I guess he won the prize of being my most skeptical client I have ever experienced. He was also incredibly intelligent. I am sure his IQ beats mine big time…but that’s no surprise 🙂 But his IQ was not the problem. It was the Emotional equivalent that was virtually absent. The feedback from people around him was clear: “This guy is not in tune with his feelings, not able to make deep connections with clients or at home and work-life balance looked more like work-work balance…. “

Warning: This is not a technique to calm the mind…

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Warning: This is not a technique to calm the mind… TeamUp Blog

With a hesitant smile, I just voluntarily signed a document to commit myself to 10 days of around 10 hours of silent sitting meditation a day. No talking, no phone, no writing, no reading, no eye contact or other distractions. As the teacher SN Goenka calls it: It’s time to tame the ‘wild elephant’ that we call the mind….